Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lucas Simplicio - Biography

Born in the jungles of Brazil, Lucas had to fight to survive. At a young age he learned how to kill alligators with his bare hands. Lucas' jungle upbringing gave him abilities above and beyond those of ordinary humans. These abilities include climbing, clinging, and leaping as well as any great ape, as well as walking on all fours exceptionally well, despite his human frame. His senses are enhanced; he is able to smell food or poachers at least two thirds of a mile away, and hear approaching stampedes from two. He can read body language exceptionally well. He is an excellent judge of character. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, balance, flexibility, reaction time, and swimming abilities are much better than normal. He has wrestled full grown bull apes and gorillas, rhinos, crocodiles, anacondas, sharks, big cats and even dinosaurs.

In his real life Lucas enjoys playing soccer, tennis and Volleyball. Living in the US now for 6 years he has developed a love for the game of American Football, his favorite team is the New England Patriots.
He also likes to watch movies and TV. His favorite TV shows are CSI, Las Vegas, 24, The Hills, Bromance, I Love Money, Brett Michals Rock of Love. His favorite place to be is the beach, he loves it and that is what he misses the most living out here in Utah. He likes to surf when he is at the beach and off course he loves to stare at the women too.

Lucas had a two year vocation in Boston, Massachusetts where he learned how to speak Spanish. Portuguese is his first language and he learned english at age 15 when he was a foreign exchange student at Timpanogos High School. His comedy influences are in the US Bill Engval, Brian Regan, Jeff Foxworthy, Carlos Mencia, and James Litllejohn. In Brazil his dad, Danilo Gentilli, Fabio Rabin, Vesgo e Silvio e Seu Lunga.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful, charismatic and goofy Brazilian from Recife.