Saturday, March 14, 2009

Devan Butler - Biography

My favorite part of doing stand-up besides the political reasons, is making people laugh at things that I think are funny. My favorite show moment was the first Winter '09 show when people had hand stand fights to win a T-shirt - it was awesome. I actually think of most of my jokes in the shower which is why I hope I never go to prison. I am a Media Arts major which I love to death... well almost. I recently broke my skull playing intramural basketball, which doesn't happen too much. I think hugs are great and have been told that I am a fantastic hugger, so if you see me and need a hug I am willing. My middle name is Lavar like that guy from Reading Rainbow, always wanted to be on that show but no one took my word for it. I love to travel, last summer I spent a month in Thailand and this summer I plan on back packing all the way from Panama to Torreon Mexico. Stand-up is just incredible, I am constantly amazed at the geniuses in Humor U and am proud to be a part of such a charitable organization.