Monday, April 6, 2009

Preliminary evidence consistent with possible health benefits of Humor U shows

I don't toot my own horn much, but I think this week's show (Saturday 11 April 7:30 and 9:00 pm Pardoe Theater) is the perfect opportunity for people to either start attending or continue to attend Humor U shows.

Sometimes we exaggerate things to get a reaction (case in point: working title of this post was "Humor U show to cure all ills"), but when we say "Best of Ever," we mean it. I challenge anyone to scour all of recorded history to find jokes that I've written that form a funnier set than the jokes I'll tell that night. If you think you've found a set of my jokes that might be funnier than what I'll tell, please email them to me ASAP (I've been wrong before. . .)

I know if you read this, you probably already know about the show (or you're a web-crawling robot, in which case I guess you probably also already know about the show (depending where you've crawled)), but if you don't know about the show, well I mean, you do know because I've been talking about it for 3 paragraphs. If you don't understand, maybe you should re-read those paragraphs before moving on.

In conclusion, go to the show that you know about.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Giant "Best of Ever" Show this Saturday

In case you haven't heard. This weekend will be the biggest Humor U show ever ever ever. It's so big we had to cut the sides off of it in order to fit it through the door. Some Humor U performers will be graduating, so this will be the last time to see them with the club. Sad day. But that just means that we will have even more fun at this show. Stephen Jones will MC so there will be plenty of craziness. We are trying to figure out a way to get him to fly in from the ceiling while smoke rises from the ground and lasers sweep across the stage. But we're kind of on a fixed budget, so maybe he'll just dance. The show is Sat 4/11 at 7:30 and 9:00pm in the Pardoe Theater. Tickets are $3 at the Info Desk and $4 at the door.