Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finals and Atom

You know, at a time like this, when BYU is 3 days into our 5 finals days, and one has yet to complete any finals, it make sense to wonder what is going on with the Humor U blog.

While trying to figure out the percent return of a muni fund (which is Federal tax-free, but not State tax-free) after the applicable taxes, I thought, "You know, what I really need is a way to see when people are making new posts--that way I don't have to go check it all the time." After some searching, I found the answer, tucked away at the bottom of this very blog page. It looks like this: "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)".

This is exactly what I needed. Now I don't have to go wondering what is going on with the Humor U blog anymore, checking it repeatedly 5 times a day, because now I get to enjoy the security of knowing that I will be receiving an RSS email in my Outlook inbox the second a new post is made. I can finish my finals without having to wonder.

I don't know who Atom is, but you've got to hand it to that guy...he provides a great service to those who blog. Thanks!