Monday, September 12, 2011

Death From Above

The last post about giant death eagles really concerned me and started an intense youtube research project on killer eagles. From what I can discern, it seems that we have a lot to fear. Here is a video of a golden eagle picking up full-grown mountain goats and dropping them off cliffs, seemingly for HIS OWN AMUSEMENT.

Also, they may be learning how to cook their food. In case there are squeamish people who like deer that read our blog, I wont post the link, but if you are interested, you can google "eagle drops deer on powerlines."

Oh, also we're having 3 shows this Friday night at 7, 8:30 and 10pm.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Yeah, No Big Deal, Just GIANT DEATH EAGLES

As if you didn't have enough to worry about, there are giant sea eagles roaming around Scotland, who even knows, they may be stupid enough to eat kids.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Golden Ticket

So we want to thank our fans who have supported us for the last 5 years. And what better way to thank your supporters than give them free stuff? If your ticket has a Humor U stamp on the back of it, bring it to 116 of the Brimhall Building and get a free Humor U T-shirt.  You can do whatever you want with your T-shirt... you can put it on right then, wear it during the week to let people know about the show, wear it to the show, or even burn it in effigy. We support your first amendment rights.

Tickets on sale at the Wilk info desk.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Future traffic--you read it here first


I heard there was going to be a lot of blog traffic once Humor U announces that information about fan contests will be found on the blog.

I'd like our reading public to know that I plan to post after those traffic-generating posts are made. Nothing helps people read your post like having to scroll through the whole thing to get to the information they want.

That is my plan. You are my victim. This is my last obscure post.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rare Poem

Anonymous is a mystery to all of us. Very little is known of his (or her) origins or history. All that is known is that Anonymous is nothing short of the most brilliant poet in history. We were lucky enough to procure this poem when a good friend was rummaging through his sister’s old high school backpack. Through unknown means, these handwritten poems, written by Anonymous, made their way into her old English notebook. They are quite unlike any other poems written by Anonymous, but who are we to question one of the greatest writers ever.

Hey Megan
by Anonymous

Hey Megan,
What happened last weekend? I thought you and Eric were hitting it off.
Are you still mad about the conversation at Mcdonald’s last week? For the last time, we were both kidding.
Besides, it’s not like Tammy even knows [much] about soccer anyway. And you’re way more popular than she’ll ever be.
Hello!?! Fat thighs! Anyway, call me QT.

Premises that never made it

Devan here. Let's start with the obvious how much I love you all. I have been doing stand-up comedy since 2007. What a ride it has been. For those of you who know me this should not be a surprise, there are some joke premises I have never been able to perform at BYU. My post here is going to list my favorite joke premises I either never developed or was not permitted to perform at BYU. Give me your feedback I would love to hear your favorites or how you think a premise should go. Who knows you may give me the inspiration to perform it in the next show. I am going through 4 years of notes here so these premises will be all over the place. Here you go...

-How I try to base my life around the Rocky movies. Want to propose at the zoo in front of the tigers.
-Wake up and forget I have a bellybutton, think its an injury
-How walking is America's favorite exercise... How lazy & pathetic
-Overweight nutrition teacher gave me a C?
-I would do anything for love, but I won't do crack.
-Only allergy is to allergy medicine
-I go to an exercise class that is 1/2 hour of abs, or marriage prep as I call it.
-How preventing gay marriage is actually preserving the gay culture.
-Think of most my jokes in the shower, which is why I hope I never go to prison.
- Learn to tap dance solely to one up people when I am losing an argument.
-Eienstein wasn't that smart, just didn't know how to take an insult, great job Eienstein...
-Favorite song to kiss to is the Jurassic Park theme song.
-Love it when they have foam soap in restrooms, washing hands was a good idea.
- Character, the infertile polygamist.
-Went to McDonalds in Mexico... All employee' s were white.
-Hugging the wrong mom as a kid.
-Character, the lavish Jew
-Character, heath conscious 4 year old.
-They should put more picnic benches in cemeteries.
-Wasted the money I was saving on Lasik eye surgery on an HDTV.
-Things Bob Barker taught me, (how he breeds purebred greyhounds)
- When Russians or Middle Easterns speak in their language then speak English with a British accent.
-Home schooled at a homeless shelter.

So there you go. If you are still reading I congratulate you and look forward to your comments.
Much love,
Devan Lavar Butler

Do You Ever Feel Like A Plastic Bag?

Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

Please answer in the comments. We are conducting a focus group for Katy Perry's songwriters.