Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rare Poem

Anonymous is a mystery to all of us. Very little is known of his (or her) origins or history. All that is known is that Anonymous is nothing short of the most brilliant poet in history. We were lucky enough to procure this poem when a good friend was rummaging through his sister’s old high school backpack. Through unknown means, these handwritten poems, written by Anonymous, made their way into her old English notebook. They are quite unlike any other poems written by Anonymous, but who are we to question one of the greatest writers ever.

Hey Megan
by Anonymous

Hey Megan,
What happened last weekend? I thought you and Eric were hitting it off.
Are you still mad about the conversation at Mcdonald’s last week? For the last time, we were both kidding.
Besides, it’s not like Tammy even knows [much] about soccer anyway. And you’re way more popular than she’ll ever be.
Hello!?! Fat thighs! Anyway, call me QT.