Monday, March 28, 2011

April Show

Hey everyone, Kyle Jepson here--ya know, one of the married people Josh was just ranting about. Anyway, this is my last semester at BYU (not because I got married: I'm graduating in about a month), so our show on April 9th will probably be my last. Ya see, we here at HumorU have had several long hearts-to-hearts, and we've decided that alumni should probably move on to make room for the up-and-coming BYU comedians. We had an open mic night last week, and it was pretty fantastic, so you should definitely come to this show: it'll be the last for some of us and a first for others and a rockin' awesome this-stuff-just-keeps-getting-better show for everyone in the middle. So come check it out. April 9th. April 9th. APRIL 9TH! Tickets at the Wilk info desk next week. Tell your friends.