Monday, April 6, 2009

Preliminary evidence consistent with possible health benefits of Humor U shows

I don't toot my own horn much, but I think this week's show (Saturday 11 April 7:30 and 9:00 pm Pardoe Theater) is the perfect opportunity for people to either start attending or continue to attend Humor U shows.

Sometimes we exaggerate things to get a reaction (case in point: working title of this post was "Humor U show to cure all ills"), but when we say "Best of Ever," we mean it. I challenge anyone to scour all of recorded history to find jokes that I've written that form a funnier set than the jokes I'll tell that night. If you think you've found a set of my jokes that might be funnier than what I'll tell, please email them to me ASAP (I've been wrong before. . .)

I know if you read this, you probably already know about the show (or you're a web-crawling robot, in which case I guess you probably also already know about the show (depending where you've crawled)), but if you don't know about the show, well I mean, you do know because I've been talking about it for 3 paragraphs. If you don't understand, maybe you should re-read those paragraphs before moving on.

In conclusion, go to the show that you know about.