Monday, March 9, 2009

Brent Taylor - Biography

Upon arriving home from his mission, Jefferson Snow thought he should take up yet another talent he hoped would provide more validation and social success than his previous pursuits. In middle school it was art which he hoped would win the hearts of his classmates. But little did he know that monsters and dragons weren't as cool as they had been in elementary school. But he loved drawing them anyway and kept on until high school. There he learned to play the guitar and write songs. But no matter how much he sang about girls, his whining never brought him any. Nevertheless, he kept on rocking. His music, never really went anywhere in college. No local venues would listen to his demos or host his musical projects. So, persuaded by a childhood friend and desperate for an audience for his creative outlets, he decided to try his hand at stand-up and voila, a new talent was discovered. His first show was in April 2007 where he made a good first impression with the audience. Feeling good about his potential in the medium, he continued writing and secured a spot as a continuing performer in the club. No social doors have swung open to him as a result of Humor U, no girls have come knocking, no deals for fame and fortune have been offered but Jefferson will once again keep going, keep writing, striving to make every show as funny as he can, all while knowing he may never receive anything in return.