Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah Gave The World "The Bird"

Forget the turkey - pardon Gov. Palin. Her turkey farm interview this week is one of the most brilliant PR stunts I have ever seen. I can't speak for her intentions, but I love to guess. She does an interview that lasts several minutes long a few feet away from a man who is slaughtering turkeys. The shock and outrage that such a scene would cause the rest of the world was undoubtedly on her mind. After all the heat she got from everyone during the election, she is symbolically telling the world to "buzz-off". Her ironically symbolic message to her critics was so brilliantly crafted that I nearly cried after laughing for minutes. I think she let the interview go longer because she was having so much fun knowing that the scene behind her was going to be on national TV. This was a clear message to her critics of how much attention she pays to them, and just how concerned she will be when the tides turn on them. Happy Thanksgiving!