Thursday, November 20, 2008

Merry Christmas Fred!

On of my co-workers in my office is adamantly opposed to celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving is over - not just over, but dead and forgotten. He gets red in the face any time he hears someone mention Christmas or sees anything that looks like Christmas - I haven't pointed out to him that red is a Christmas color and perhaps he shouldn't get so upset because someone might be reminded of Christmas by looking at his face. So for the last week I've done as much as I can to spread Christmas cheer in the office. The secretaries helped by getting our tree and up early. I hope is won't be upset to see the Advent Chain above my desk that counts down the "Days till Fred will let us celebrate Christmas..." I don't think he'll mind. I plan to offer him some of my candy apply this afternoon - an early Christmas gift that I got from a customer today. I think he'll like it.