Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The History of Humor U - Chapter 2

So the BYU student that started Humor U was Tanner Kay. He chartered a new student club on campus and decided to call it Humor U. He had two friends at BYU who he had seen do stand-up comedy before and so he asked them to join his club. They did. One was a seminary teacher, the other was a Muslim from Gaza (yes, he was a BYU student). Tanner made some super dorky fliers with clip art and distributed them on campus. Amazingly, fifty people showed up and paid two whole dollars to get into the show. Tanner was the very first Humor U act and performer ever. The show netted $13 after expenses, which must have been a lucky number. Because 100 people came to the next show, and the one after that sold out. Ever since then Humor U has been adding more and more shows in larger and larger venues and selling out all along the way. Humor U has been an explosive roller coaster ride of success. Humor U attracted the funniest students at BYU who are brilliant comedy writers and performers. Over two dozen comedians make up the cast and they win recognition and notoriety more and more all the time. Everyone at BYU hasn't noticed yet, but now the world has. With tens of thousands of YouTube hits from around the world, Humor U just keeps growing and growing. We hope you can make it to the next show or see us online at our YouTube channel.