Friday, February 27, 2009

Tanner Kay - Biography

Tanner Kay is probably somebody's favorite comedian, but we haven't figured out who yet because they won't admit to it. He told his first joke in Primary as a Sunbeam. It made the kid next to him laugh, and began over a decade of getting kicked out of Primary and Sunday school. While many people are amused by Tanner's humor, he's usually the only one laughing at his own jokes. On an occassion, Tanner laughed so hard at his own joke that he shot a pea AND a carrot out of his nose. Needless to say his doctor does not approve of his participation in this club.

But don't be fooled by his funny moments, Tanner has a super grumpy alter ego that he developed in college named Church Boy - probably a backlash from his irreverent youth. Church Boy doesn't tolerate laughing, smiling, or anything fun. If you like to pass notes in Sunday School - watch out! Church Boy will burn you with his laser beam look of scorn. This is probably why he isn't married.

One really hot August day on a roadtrip through southern Utah Tanner dreamed up a crazy idea to start a stand-up comedy club at BYU. He was obviously suffering from heat stroke and severe dehydration. But an amazing thing happened, and out of nothing more than boredom, southern Utah heat, and too much free time - Humor U was born.