Saturday, January 10, 2009

If You Cry About Letters, Never Watch Sesame Street

I know I can be a little bit abrasive sometimes, but I don't really feel bad for making a girl at the copy center cry the other day. She confronted me while I was printing fliers for a show. She was upset about the use of the letter "U" in our club name. She made a point of telling me in an "I know with every fiber of my being" kind of tone, that she had a lot of school spirit, and so she would NEVER use the letter "U" in the name of anything. She must have been a freshman because she obviously hasn't learned to spell BY"U" yet. She informed me that the University of Utah has a "U" in it's name, therefore BYU must avoid all use of the letter "U" in order to prevent being identified as a Ute lover and an apostate. Wow! This girl needs more homework if she has enough time to worry about stuff like this, and also to help her learn to spell acronyms like BYU.

In case you aren't familiar with what a double entendre is - "Humor U" is an example. The "U" has two meanings. First, you, as in "humor you". Second, university, as in "humor university".